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Conduct of Government Litigation Including

(A) Conduct of Government Litigation including:-

    •  Representation in criminal cases.
    • Appeals and applications for enhancement of sentences and convictions.
    • Filing and defending civil suits, appeals etc., by or  against the Govt. and Civil Servants.
    • Defense of pauper accused in the Courts and fees to pleaders for such defense.
    • All arbitration matters in which Government or any statutory body setup by the Government is a party.
    • Reference to Supreme Judicial Council.
    • Reference to Supreme Court under Article 46-A of the Constitution.
    • Matters relating to legal practitioners, including scales of fee.
    • Appointment of Govt. Law Officers, Advocate General, Assist/Additional Advocate General, Public Prosecutor, Govt. Pleaders, Special Counsels,and their transfers, leave and fee etc.
    • Matters relating to the approval for appointments of Legal Advisers and engagement of Legal Practitioners/Advisers or Law Officers for the statutory/autonomous bodies and determination of their pay or the fee and also termination of their services.
    • Appointment of Notaries Public.
    • Opinion on representations against the decisions / orders of the Mohtasib.
    • Advice to Departments on all legal matters including interpretation of laws, rules and orders having the force of law.
    • Reference to the Advocate General by other Departments for Legal Advice.
  • List of Public Prosecutors AJK
  • List of Additional Public Prosecutos AJK
  • List of Standing Council District /Tehsil wise.
  • List of Standing Council with Department Allotment.