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Justice Wing

(C) Justice Wing:

  • All matters relating to Supreme Court, High Court, Shariat Court and the Judiciary, in which the approval of the President Advice the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council, the orders of the Govt./Prime Minister and the matters where concurrence or grant from the Finance Department or recommendations of the Selection Board etc. are required.
  • Establishment of Labour Courts, Drugs Court, rent control Courts and all special Courts and tribunal except Courts of revenue rehabilitation and custodian department.
  • Recommendations/nominations for appointments to Income Tax Tribunal and Banking Tribunal and Banking Courts.
  • Conferment of Magisterial and Judicial Powers.
  • Cases of approval of rules for employees of the Superior Courts under Section 47-A of the Constitution.
  • Coordination in matters concerning training at Shariat Academy and Judicial Academy.
  • Approval of rules of procedure for the High Court and sub-ordinate Courts under Section 44-A of the Constitution.